Having passed our first decade as HOLA PROJECTS we have begun to embrace our international nature in new ways.

A character trait that has been implicit in the practice's nature from the outset is now a cloak we wear with great ease allowing us to focus on new solutions & new services for new scenarios in a broad & rapidly changing world.

HOLA PROJECTS experience and interests encompass multi-million dollar, award-winning projects to small design intensive developments: where ever strong design and innovation is sought.

The studio works comfortably across broad discipline boundaries that feed one another in terms of knowledge accrual & inspiration. We provide a professional design service for retail, residential, commercial, hospitality & institutional clients. We find that working across these boundaries informs both models and benefits everyone.

The practice is maintained by its core members and founders Chris Lalogiannis & Donald Holt with a range of talented individuals, pooled to apply their specific skills and knowledge. The project specific teams work from the Hong Kong offices in Wanchai & the Abbotsford studios in Melbourne or off site as required, based on a project by project basis. This elastic network is the method by which fresh approaches & new working methods are discovered & applied.

We are committed to innovation & the environment. We are constantly researching & learning, consequently reviewing & realigning our practice to provide both the most appropriate solutions for our clients but also the community at large. Environmental & sociological issues can no longer be featurist elements of design output but must be imbedded in the result.

Highly regarded as design leaders with multidisciplinary skills & collectively achieving a drawer full of awards the studio remains one dedicated to creative and strategic design. This goes for all the work, whether it is ephemeral in nature, graphic design or the arts sector or enduring civic projects.

Through collaboration and consultation with project specific stakeholders through to the complete delivery from needs assessment to design, management and implementation, HOLA PROJECTS has a reputation as a unique design practice.