Chris is located in Hong Kong.

Chris has been based in Hong Kong for over 20 years, whilst working on projects throughout the Asia Pacific region. HOLA PROJECTS was established in 2009 and has completed prestigious design projects in the United Kingdom, United States, Greece, Finland, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Macau, and throughout Australia.

Previously Chris had worked in Australia on major institutional and commercial projects for Australia’s largest Architectural and Interior Design practices.

Understanding the culturally specific nature of each project type has led to many successful projects around the world. Chris’s experience throughout Asia has placed him in a great position with all tiers of the business community and construction industry. Local knowledge is key to effective, expedient and the best quality product in design. Engagement with the local industry know-how combined with a refined design aesthetic and keen sense of detail are the qualities that elevate Chris’s status as a designer and making an exceptional team at HOLA PROJECTS.