Chris Lalogiannis

Chris is located in Hong Kong

Interior Design
Project Management
Client Management

Extensive experience in:

ASIA Over 11 years based in Hong Kong as Design Manager for projects in PRC, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia.

Establishment of Idiom in 2005 followed by the establishment of HOLA PROJECTS.

AUSTRALIA Senior Designer with over 20 years experience in Major institutional and commercial projects working for Australia’s largest Architectural and Interior Design practices.

HOLA PROJECTS is a multi-disciplinary design practice headed by Chris Lalogiannis and Donald Holt. The practice has encompassed multi-million dollar, award winning projects to small design intensive developments: where strong design and innovation is sought.

His wealth of experience with interior and architectural projects has given him a rare oversight having initiated and completed projects ranging from corporate, institutional, retail and civic developments.
Understanding the market climate and culturally specific nature of each project type, he brings sensitivity and wisdom to the table.

Chris’s on the ground experience in Asia has put him in good stead with people on all tiers of the business community and construction industry. Local knowledge is key to effective, expedient and quality out comes. Engagement with the local industry and know-how combined with a refined design aesthetic and a keen sense of detail are the qualities that elevate Chris’s status as a designer, making him indispensible at HOLA PROJECTS.

Chris is in Hong Kong