Creativity is often thought to spring from nowhere, the ether, the mist. This is true in this sense, in that it often comes from the myriad elements that swirl around the creators. The things that are gathered, settle on or feed the development of these individuals. It does not come from nowhere.

This exhibition is a condensed reimagining of scenography commissioned for “Beyond Precious: Beyond the Oceans” an exhibition of contemporary jewellery from Australian & New Zealand at Gallery Aziza in Paris, curated by Diana Morgan & Hélène Aziza , opening September 2013 as part of Circuits Bijoux.

Jewellers exhibited in the Paris presentation, Bin Dixon-Ward & Sally Marsland have contributed works to inhabit the reassembled structure. The field is broadened with a couture garment by Kara Baker incorporated into the installation, as well as a table designed by Alexander Lotersztain & produced by Derlot Editions. All designers are living & working in Australia.

The “TRUSS” supporting this varied field of production was designed by Donald Holt at HOLA(PROJECTS) & made by bespoke maker Tom Burless of Tomikeh. It became a cathartic exercise to reassemble an object that was designed, made & sent to another place. The opportunity to rework & feel the piece for the designers themselves is the kernel of the project. As a flexible system designed to present other designed objects it was an automatic condition of the project to extend an invitation for the work of other designers to populate the work.

The project closes one chapter while leaving space to explore another. Like respiration this explores a negotiation between breathing in & controlled breathing out, it oxygenates and elevates in a single act.