“We want to express the nature of the textiles in motion as they would be enacted into use while achieving this through the pieces’ inherent texture, weight & transparencies. An allusion to flick of a hem & a rustle of a breeze.
The installation is an experience that reveals the textile as contemporary art in the round & in an exploratory environment: an organization of space that invokes memory, joy & the vastness of the landscape that is the genesis of these textiles.”

When asked about their process Donald of Hola Projects explains “It’s a kind of artisanal futurism”. Hola’s process with PartPresents always starts with the material essence. This knowledge of elemental material priorities and their relevance to the task at hand comes before form. In many ways this mirrors Karritpul’s intuitive process and experiences. The installation will pull the images and textiles trough many lenses evoking the landscape into a newly opened urban plane, the gallery as atmosphere. Lightness and fullness presented to full effect.

Photo: J.P.SANTE J.P.Sante JP.Sante JP.Sante